Everything you need to know about financing your garage door

It’s no secret that a garage door, while a great investment for your home, often is a large and expensive purchase for many families. And even if the garage door is a necessity, many families may not have the cash on hand to cover the expense.

We work with GreenSky Financing to provide an easy and convenient way to pay for your home improvement project. With fast approvals, affordable payment options and credit limits up to $65,000, GreenSky Financial empowers homeowners to make their home more beautiful and secure.

When you choose to apply for a loan with GreenSky Financial and are approved, you’ll receive at 16-digit account number and expiration date that you can give your contractor or service provider when you’re billed for your service. It’s billed as a credit card by your service company and work will go forward.

If you expect to need a new garage door or repair soon and know that you might not have sufficient funding, consider talking to your Precision technician about GreenSky Financing. They’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Our friendly and experienced technicians can go over our financing options with you.