Where to get the best garage door parts

When it comes to replacing parts in your garage door, you need the best of the best. The garage door and the system behind it is one of the largest parts of your home, and it requires equipment that’ll last.

Whether you choose to DIY or go with a garage door company, the parts are an integral part that could make or break your garage (literally)!

As the nation’s top garage door company, Precision takes pride in using the best garage door repair parts. Below, we break down comparisons between the parts we use and what other companies use, and why our parts offer the best value for our customers.

We use a green powder-coated spring to protect from rust and damage, and they typically last up to five times longer.
Others will use a standard, non-coated torsion spring that will eventually rust and wear out over time.

Our flexible and quiet stainless-steel aircraft-grade cables, with 19 wires per strand, last longer than standard cables.
Other companies use standard cables that only utilize 7 wires per strand and are less flexible and more noisy.

Our drums are the strongest and safest, with reinforcements to prevent loose cables and keep doors from crashing down.
Others use drums made from a lower-grade steel, so they don’t last and cannot withstand as much weight.

Our ultra-quiet PDS Green Nylon Rollers have sealed bearings, are rated for an industry-leading 100,000+ cycles and are virtually maintenance free.
Other companies will use noisy rollers without bearings, causing them to shake and wear down more quickly or even break prematurely.

We use a cast iron pulley for strength and durability. The no-seam design ensures cables roll through pulleys smoothly.
Others use a light-duty sheave pulley. These will eventually separate and cause the door to severely strain.

We use a center bearing that utilizes bearings to help assist the entire torsion system to operate smoothly. Other companies will use a center bearing that is made of plastic, with a plastic bushing, and only provides center support.

Our hinges are made of a thicker steel, which means no cracking or breaking.
Other companies use lightweight steel causing hinges to be flimsy and break or snap more easily.

Our center bearing bracket is made from thicker steel and comes assembled with a high-quality bearing. Other center bearing brackets are made from lower grade steel, causing them to flex and bend during use.

Our end bearing brackets bolt to the track and wall, giving them four connection points that prevent binding of the torsion system. Others use end bearing brackets made of un-reinforced steel, and only have two points at which they are secured.

A technician shows a customer a broken spring. Precision uses high-quality parts so your garage is guaranteed to work for years.