The Importance of a Highly-Trained Technician

Who is in Your Garage?

When you hire a garage door service company, there are a few things you expect: trust, experience, and professionalism. Our expert garage door technicians at Precision encompass all these qualities and more. Our full-service team is rigorously trained in garage door installation and maintenance. Precision’s technicians also can undergo IDEA certification from the industry’s most trusted educational institute. When one of our technicians comes to your home, you can rest assured knowing that a friendly professional will provide expert service.

Peace of Mind

We understand the importance of peace of mind and safety, especially when bringing a stranger into your home. Our technicians undergo background checks and drug tests along with the rigorous training required to be garage door experts. When a Precision technician arrives to fix your garage, you can count on the work being done right and with respect.


When it comes to trust, we know you expect a company with integrity and a sterling reputation. That’s why Precision is all about our customers. Your opinion is valuable to us, and we dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality, thorough service every single time. Want to see what our customers say about our work and exceptional reputation? Read our reviews!

Experience & Training

Our highly trained technicians have years of experience in garage door repair, installation, and preventative measures. In addition to being fully licensed, insured, and highly trained, many of our techs choose to undergo additional training from the prestigious International Door Association to increase their knowledge.


It matters who is working in your garage to protect your home, valuables, and family. At Precision, our techs are the best in the business. A garage door system is more than just a necessary item to your property. It’s an investment in keeping everything you hold dear safe. In order to keep your family and home safe, we offer our full services to meet all your garage door needs, and do so with safety, quality, and perfection in mind (including 24/7 emergency repairs). We also offer the industry’s leading warranty, The Precision Promise.

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